Grand Canyon Colorado River Book

Craig Kleckner just recently returned from his latest journey. He spent a total of 21 days in the Grand Canyon camping, kayaking, and rock climbing. It was certainly a memorable experience for him and he has provided me with some photos and info on his trip. Continue reading to see amazing photographs and what he had to say about his adventure.

The Colorado River that runs through the Grand Canyon, here it is in number form, from Lee's Ferry to Diamond Creek is 226 miles, we spent 21 days in the canyon, in total I hiked about 30 miles, air temp 20-85 degrees, water temp 40-50 degrees, 16 people total in the trip. Okay a short about how this works, one person needs to acquire a permit (which can take up to 15 YEARS) than on one permit sixteen people are able to go. Than five eighteen foot long oar rigged rafts take all the food, supplies, gear, people, and of course beer. At the least there must be one person per raft, but in our group we had two, so ten people rafted and six kayaked. Beyond the logistics the canyon was filled with surprises around every corner, I saw everything from albino big horn sheep and peregrine falcons, to lizards and scorpions. Everyone thinks of large rock walls and spectacular views when they think of the Grand Canyon but I was surprised more than once with some landscapes, I saw lush green grass valleys, large trees, and countless water falls. The water ranged from deep green at the beginning than in the one picture you can see where the little Colorado meets the big Colorado, muddy meets green, and they don't mix right away due to a temperature difference. The trip was amazing it changed me as a kayaker and a person. As we all know the pictures don't do it and justice and my words can't explain the experience so my advice is if you ever get this opportunity or better yet make the opportunity happen and than take full advantage of it.

- Craig Kleckner

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